Lego Review 18: 30521 – Mini Batmobile


I got this from a car boot sale in Dorset, which seems like a very odd place to pick up a relatively new, sealed Lego set but it’s the truth, and when you think about it it’s unsurprising considering the fact that most country folk have started to become savvy to the ways of the business world.

The Mini Batmobile is a polybag that, the guy who sold me it claimed, was given away free with tickets for the first screenings of the Lego Batman Movie… Possibly? It comes with all you see above, which is a one mini batmobile. It does, however, also come with a spare batarang and trans-purple stud, which is nice.

The Good:

  • Where the big set has wheel mounts that swivel to turn this into a more monstertruck feeling vehicle, Lego has actually sort of stayed true to that design in the miniature version, as you can take the Technic wheel pieces off and place them in different orientations.
  • The build process itself is nice and rather unorthodox.
  • Those red stripes are very subtle but without them it wouldn’t feel the same.
  • As mentioned above, purple stud is a nice addition, especially two of them.
  • You get one of what I shall be referring to as the Nexo Knight shield pieces, in black.

To be Improved:

  • The overall design is very ugly, in my opinion, now that it has been shrunken down to this size:
  • The windscreen has a very obvious ugly line through it,
  • the thruster wings aren’t oriented the right way,
  • the batarang on the front is way too big (no way they could have gotten around this but still),
  • and by god is that shield piece the wrong one to use. It either completely shrouds or totally exposes the windshield, and doesn’t look good either way.
  • In fact, everything about this set looks like it’s stuck on the wrong way round, but then you switch it about (which is what Lego is designed for, just saying) and it still looks wrong.

Overall: 4/10

The batmobile is supposed to be this big gorgeous chunky thing, and this set is decidedly none of those things. I really don’t like the way they’ve tried to ‘capture’ the look of the one from the film, when in reality they just don’t have the pieces to do something like that. It’s not minimalist; it’s just ugly.


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