Lego Review 9: 75879 Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H


Every time I’d go into the Lego store with my girlfriend (thank you for the support, baby) and head to the Speed Champions section, she’d point at this one and go “I like that” and try and convince me to get it. Outraged at the low piece count being haphazardly bulked up by an over-inflated accessory, I refused. But, as I slowly but surely ran out of other sets to buy in this line, the Scuderia caught my eye.

The set comes with the Scuderia, driver complete with wrench, a walkie-talkie and two helmets for some reason, what I can only imagine is a spare… advertising panel, a finish line complete with console area, flag and starting lights, and no spare hubcaps or even any hubcaps to speak of (negating the need for the wrench, as this is what is used to pop the hubcaps off). It sounds like a lot, but as I said it’s simply to justify charging the same amount of money as the other sets in the line when in reality it should be a few quid cheaper. And if you actually look at some of the accessories, you soon realise how little love went into this set.

The Good:

  • Lovely red finish and the only car in this colour you can get in these single sets outside of the ones that come with a bloody great big truck. I assume that’s something Lego have done on purpose, because although red is my least favourite colour I’m sure loads of kids want a fiery, gleaming Ferrari to play with.
  • Overall design of the car is, like its F1 counterparts, sleek and intuitive, and I like how unique it is compared to all the other cars in the line even if that means a much lower piece count when it comes to the vehicle itself.
  • A good aspect of the accessory is its play value, with lots of moving parts and a lovely printed keyboard piece.
  • I doubt they did it on purpose, because I’m through with giving Lego too much credit at this point now I see how consumerist- rather fun-based they are, but I thoroughly enjoy the fact that the car can drive beneath the starting lights leaving… Hmm, I’d say about an atom of space.

To be Improved:

  • Despite being the car with the lowest piece count of them all by a long shot, Lego still managed to cram as many stickers as possible into this set. It’s thinner design overall also means that the majority of said stickers are tiny and fiddly, which just adds to the insult that Lego are giving us such a piddly car in the first place. I’ve now been made aware that the company produces a sticker even smaller than one tile. That’s right. Don’t even get me started on the fact that the computer screen isn’t a printed panel. I own printed computer screen pieces from my Star Wars and Agents sets (just to name a few without even needing to look). Was Lego really unable to just update an old one for once?
  • I praised the accessory above but from my point of view (the simple play features of Lego sets don’t really gel with AFOLs), it’s a major, major copout. Lego could have used this as the very minor starter set in the Speed Champion series and charged a measly nine or ten pounds in order to get kids into the swing of the line before they move on to the bigger, pricier sets. But instead they make it full price and try to buy our favour with a spare helmet (he can only wear one at once so this is pointless) a walkie talkie and wrench (he can’t hold these while in the car and there are no hubcaps to use the wrench on so, again, pointless) and a finish line which, though it looks nice, obviously just beefs up the piece count. And that spare little panel, that isn’t even printed by the way, it’s another sticker, where the text is so small that you can’t even tell the difference between it and the other one? What the fresh hell even is that, Lego? Give me a whole bonnet that’s white or something so I can at least customise the colour if not the entire shape of the car.

Overall: 6/10

As unfortunate and straight up insulting as the accessories are, the car itself is really lovely. It’s as if that token Italian flare and elegance was channeled straight into it, and it really stands out on my shelf with that vibrant crimson panelling. However, I hate to say it but we’re here to review these sets as exactly that. Whole sets. Even if one aspect is amazing, if the other half of it falls down completely then I can’t in good faith give it an amazing rating! And because of the pieces being utilised to make a half-hearted add-on as usual instead of a customisation option similar to the Mercedes, this really is a pathetic attempt at a set. Like I said, because the car itself is marvellous I won’t be too harsh, but out of the entire Speed Champions line this one gets the award for biggest spit in the face of the fans.


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