Website Review 1: Inklewriter


Today I decided that I might want to adapt the science fiction story I am currently working on into a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story as well as a novel. So I looked up how to do it, and boy am I glad I did.

Karen Woodward gives a wonderful guide here, and I didn’t need to search the web for another. She recommended a site called ‘Inklewriter’, and after trying to slog through the many tutorials (which were helpful, it was just laziness on my part as there were a lot of them) I managed to start writing it. It was a success! I really like the way it turned out and it’s a neat little site.

The Good:

Inklewriter is a great little site. Once you get the hang of it, you can write your own CYOA story with ease. You can even insert images to pages of your choice, a feature I haven’t tried out yet but imagine works just as well as the rest of the site: wonderfully! They give a handy example to let you know how a CYOA could play out if you wrote one of your own, and the tutorials are useful for the basics.

To be Improved:

I said that you can write your own CYOA once you get the hang of it. Emphasis on that last part, this is hard to master. It took me a full ten minutes and five restarts to figure out why it kept deleting the last paragraph on one page, and I assumed it was a word limit or something. Which was odd, because my last page was twice as long. It turned out to be the website failing to deal with copying and pasting (you have to type after you’ve pasted something for it to actually recognise what you’ve pasted as text). The tutorials, though extensive, are very confusing and don’t always help with the problems you’re having, which was frustrating. There are also no options for changing the font/size/colour/etc and the site crashes sometimes. Though finished it seems like it’s still in an early stage of development which allows you to play with the basics, nothing more.

Overall: 6/10

A fun little site, and you can share your stories if you sign in! Unfortunately it appears that there’s no forum for everyone’s stories and that the sharing has to be done directly by linking back to the site from somewhere else, but it’s good enough for me! I liked it and I had fun, although I get the feeling that I’ll have to write my CYOA the traditional way on paper for the time being.


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